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"Colors of the Year" Necklace


Stainless Steel 316L (100% WaterProof 💧) + 18K Gold Plated

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Set or Zirconia:

Necklace with zirconia pendants representing each of the months of the year, to choose your favorite one, in stainless steel of the best quality (316L).

These zirconia stones can also be added to other chains to combine in other pendants.

  • Material: Surgical Stainless Steel (316L)
  • Color: Silver, 18K Gold plated
  • Chain length: 16.1 + 1.9 Inches to adjust
  • Zircon Size: 0.23 Inches

1) January - Garnet: Associated with passion, love and vigour.

2) February - Amethyst: Associated with balance, serenity and meditation.

3) March - Aquamarine: Purity, calm, relaxation, nature.

4) April - Diamond: Represents perfection, firmness and balance.

5) May - Emerald: It is related to renewal, growth and health.

6) June - Alexandrite: It transmits magic, creativity and luminosity.

7) July - Ruby: Color that gives off joy and strength.

8) August - Peridot: Peridot is the color of serenity and tranquillity.

9) September - Sapphire: It is related to knowledge and imagination.

10) October - Tourmaline: It is the color of kindness and positivism.

11) November - Topaz: Topaz is the color of vitality and optimism.

12) December - Turquoise: Intuition, loyalty and friendship.

You can choose the set (chain+zirconia) or just the loose zirconia, which include the ring, to put one or more on each chain.

¡You'll love it! 🎨🎨🎨

"Colors of the Year" Necklace - Milas Jewels Shop
"Colors of the Year" Necklace Sale price$53.09 Regular price$58.99