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Article: How to Find a Ring Size

How to Find a Ring Size - Milas Jewels Shop

How to Find a Ring Size

There are 2 methods, knowing the diameter, or knowing the circumference:

METHOD 1. DIAMETER: Take another ring as a reference and measure the diameter:

METHOD 2. CIRCUMFERENCE: Take a tape, a thread or a strip of paper. Roll around your finger near your knuckle, pen at the intersection, and measure the distance. That distance is the circumference.



Once you know one of these measures, check in the table below to what size your finger corresponds, because depending on the country or manufacturer, you can choose one size or another

  • Example: If your ring has a diameter of 18.1 mm, it corresponds to our size "8".
If you still cannot measure your ring size accurately, don’t worry, you can purchase our Milajewels Ring Sizer with which you can know your size perfectly, it will no longer be a problem.

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