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Article: Best earrings according to your hairstyle

Best earrings according to your hairstyle - Milas Jewels Shop

Best earrings according to your hairstyle

When going out, it is not only important to choose the perfect combination of the pieces of clothing, but it is also essential to select the accessories you will wear. We often leave this part for the last minute and choose the ones we have at hand. However, selecting your jewels and how they combine with your outfit is vital to always carry an overall harmony.

And as an important piece within the accessories, earrings play an important role in all looks, because regardless of the design, material, color or dimensions, they will always give a different touch to your style. Therefore, to choose your earrings, you must combine them with your outfit, but you must also take into account the shape of your face and your hairstyle.

So, this time, from Mila Jewels we will share some tips that you can take into account for each occasion.


What you should take into account to choose your earrings

There are many earrings designs and you have to know how to choose the one that best fits your outfit, face and hairstyle, because not all models can adjust to the style of the dress. Therefore, you should consider some aspects when choosing your earrings:


  • Type of face:

Depending on the type of face, there are earrings that can help you highlight or decrease certain characteristics that you have very marked. In this way, if a person has a square-shaped face, they would have to use different earrings than a person with an oval face would wear. To know more about this topic and which are the best earrings that suit your type of face, visit our blog.

  • Style:

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the style of your clothes. According to the occasion, you can choose a casual style, romantic, formal, sporty, rocker, vintage, among others, and for each style, the model of earrings would be different.

  • Hair style:

And, you cannot forget, that according to the hairstyle you choose to wear, the earrings will also change. Whether you wear your hair loose, with a tail, with curls, or have short hair, you should take the time to select the one that fits best, to create a harmonious outfit.


Earrings according to your hairstyle

We already saw that you should pay attention to the style you wear, your type of face and your hairstyle. Now, let’s know which are the most suitable earrings according to your hairstyle:

  • Short hair:

With this type of hair, you have more freedom to choose your earrings, but we recommend that they are simple and not protrude much. You can select hoop earrings if you have square or rectangular face, and even with oval face type. If you want, you can also wear pendants and delicate to have prominence. Or, you could wear small earrings or climbing earrings for a more modern and contemporary look.

Constellation earrings


  • Long, loose hair:

If you have long hair, we recommend large or maxi earrings that will allow you to highlight your hair and at the same time your earrings will attract all the attention. Large earrings should be light, light to the eye and with their shapes give more movement to the hair. And if the style of your outfit is more formal, add a little shine with your earrings would be ideal.

Cascade earrings

  • Hairstyle with ponytail:

If you have chosen a hairstyle with a low tail, the best for this style would be large hoop earrings. In this way, you can have a more casual and chic look, and your neckline will look more stylish.


Hoops earrings

On the contrary, if you wear a high ponytail, the best earrings are those long and minimalist, which are very simple but striking. The long design of the earrings will help stylize the neck. In addition, these tail hairstyles are very versatile and you can use different models.

 Hanging hoops earrings

  • Hairstyle with bow:

Bow earrings are commonly used for formal occasions and styles, and in this case, long and elegant earrings would have all the prominence of your look. It is better to be simple earrings, and with one part stuck to the lobe and the other pendant. These designs stylize your neck and neckline for its verticality and fine lines.

Temptation earrings 

The variety of earrings is endless and you can choose those that best go with your personality, your style, the style of your outfit, and of course, the hairstyle. It may seem like something very superficial to which we normally would not pay attention, but finding the perfect pair for your look would make there a balance between each piece you selected for the occasion. Don’t forget to take a look at our collection of earrings, which will help you choose the ideal jewel.



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