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Article: What earrings to wear according to your face type

What earrings to wear according to your face type - Milas Jewels Shop

What earrings to wear according to your face type

The earrings are a fundamental jewel for your looks, and that’s why knowing how to combine them will help you to give your outfits a touch of elegance and distinction. Remember that the earrings will always complement your look even if wearing necklaces is not the best option.

Most of the time, trends can show new pieces of clothing or jewelry, but not all of them will favor you, because it also depends on your personality, tastes, body silhouette and face type. And, that’s the reason why you should only take what best fits you.

And taking that into account, not all the earrings can help you to highlight your facial features and looks. Maybe, you already know that some earrings make you look different, and that is because depending on your face type, there will be earrings that can help you to hide and show certain characteristics. For that motive, it is important to know your face physiognomy, since from there you could choose better your earrings, glasses, makeup, or even the hairstyle that stress your best qualities.

So, from Mila Jewels, we want to teach you a guide that can help you to define what is your face type and the type of earrings that will make you shine.

Face types and best earrings for each one

Knowing your face physiognomy can be useful to learn how to better emphasizes your lines and stand out over the rest. And, inside the fashion and beauty world, you can find 6 types of basic faces.

But before that, let’s see what are the criteria you should consider to know your face type:

1. First, you need to tie your hair with a ponytail, and stand in front of the mirror to see your face and take some measures.
2. With a tape-measure, measure the distance between both foreheads.
3. Take the distance from your right cheekbone to your left cheekbone.
4. Now, measure your jaw from the right lobe to the left lobe.
5. To finish, measure your face height from the forehead to the chin.

Noe, let’s see how these measures reflect in the following 6 face types:

• Oval face

The oval face is known for having the perfect measures, due to its shape is the most balanced and proportional. It is characterized by being a little bit elongated and drawing delicate lines around the contour. The chin is rounded and it is smaller than the forehead.

In addition, the cheekbones and the cheeks are more pronounced, and the measures become narrowed when they are nearer to the chin. And, the height of an oval face must be the measure of the width plus the half of this distance. The result will give you the face height.

If you have this face type, all designs of earrings are perfect because they help to highlight even more all your facial features. You can wear long earrings, big hoops, short earrings, pearls of different dimensions, etc. However, we advise you to not wear too long or big earrings, with the purpose of not exceeding your look.

And, among the celebrities with the oval face are the actresses Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker.

"Minimal" earringsJessica Alba







• Square face

The measures of a square face, as its name says, result in a square. It has a hard-edged contour with straight lines on the forehead and the jaw. Additionally, the forehead, the cheekbones and the jawline are of the same width. The chin is flat and the height of the face is equal to the width, without curvature lines.

In this case, the goal is to soften the straight lines, so you should wear curved earrings. You can try out several designs like medium or large hoops, round or pearl studs, chandelier earrings, or another type of earrings that end with curved shapes. Remember that you cannot wear square earrings to not emphasize your hard edges.

Angelina Jolie is one of the celebrities that best represent this face type.
"Hanging hoops" earrings
Angelina Jolie

• Round face

In this type of face, the widest part is the cheekbones. The hairline and jawline narrow a little bit and are completely round and soft, which makes it different from a square face, with hard straight lines.

The perfect earrings for you, if you have a round face shape, are those with long designs, like teardrops, square earrings, or dangle earrings, that help you to elongate your facial features. Don’t forget that round shape earrings would cause the contrary effect because they would highlight the round lines.

Selena Gómez is one of the actresses with this face type.

"Twisted Braid" earringsSelena Gómez

• Diamond face

A diamond face is usually higher that the distance between the cheekbones. In this case, the cheekbones are wider, the forehead is narrowed, and the jawline and chin are elongated and pointed.

To soften the lines of a diamond face, you need to add volume to the jawline area to create balance. For that, the best earrings for you are those with curved shapes like medium or large hoops. It is important to avoid earrings like studs, or those with points, to not highlight the cheeks and the chin.

Shakira is a perfect example as diamond face.

Slim Hoops earrings

• Rectangular face

As well as the square face, the contour of a rectangular face shape is characterized by having hard straight lines. Furthermore, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jawline is almost the same. The difference with the square face is that the rectangular face is longer, when you measure from the hair line to the chin.

In this case, we recommend you to wear small earrings with oval or round shapes to soften the straight lines. You can also wear medium hoops or wider earrings to add volume to the cheeks and not accentuate the length of the face.

Lucy Liu is one of the actresses with a rectangular face shape.

Minimalist Hoops earringsLucy Liu

• Heart face

This face type takes its name because the face has a heart shape, so the most predominant part is the forehead. In this case, the forehead is wide and the hair line has a round shape with a widow’s peak in the middle. The face narrows from the cheekbones to the jawline, and the chin is small and pointed.

If you have a heart face, you need to hide your hair line and forehead, so you should add volume to the jawline area. That’s why, the best earrings for you are those of medium-size and large with curved shapes to give the sensation of width around the chin. You can wear hoops, chandeliers or teardrops earrings. We suggest you to not wear so long or big earrings to not emphasize the pointed chin.

Maisie Williams, known actress for her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, has a heart face shape.

"Long Pearl" earrings
Maisie Williams

There are several face types and, depending on yours, you could choose the best hairstyle, glasses, makeup, and earrings that fit your face shape. Remember that knowing your face features will help you to highlight your best qualities, and hide those hard-facial features. And don’t forget to visit our page Mila Jewels, where you will find beautiful earrings ideal for you and your style.

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