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Article: NECKLACES FOR MEN: Trends in accessories and how to use them

NECKLACES FOR MEN: Trends in accessories and how to use them - Milas Jewels Shop

NECKLACES FOR MEN: Trends in accessories and how to use them

When we talk about men's accessories, the first thing we think of is the use of watches or a bangle, they are undoubtedly classic elements and for many years, the watch was the preferred male jewel. However, there are more possibilities to explore. Now it is the turn of the necklaces, trends that are coming back, in gold and silver colors, in different shapes and sizes.

Men's jewelry is a new accessory for your outfits, and at Milajewels, we have a variety of models, from the simplest chain to the most brilliant pendant, here you will have everything you need to start combining. Next, we show you how to use them correctly.


Most men's necklaces fall into this category. This chain has a row of interlocking rings, discs or links. Despite being a basic piece of jewelry, there are many types of link necklaces to choose from. It is perfect for when you decide to wear black, but you need to stand out. This type of pieces is a must in your jewelry box.

We recommend these models that you can get in our Milajewels store: "Muzi" BRAVE Men Necklace, "Boss" BRAVE Men Necklace, or "Fortress" BRAVE Men Necklace

Chains with pendants

Pendants have been part of us for as long as we can remember. We have all been given a chain with a medal or some symbol when we were babies. When you choose a necklace with a pendant, make sure it matches your lifestyle, as each pendant has a meaning and will take on a new one when you integrate it into your day-to-day life.

You can get on our website necklaces with cross pendants as the "Gospel" BRAVE Men Necklace, with feathers like the "Angelic" BRAVE Men Necklace, and with roses like the "Roz" BRAVE Men Necklace. 

Plaque necklaces

The necklaces with a plaque are inspired by the Wars, since in the military context, it is a small metal plate that every soldier wear hanging from the neck by means of a chain, and was used as a means of identification. Nameplates and engraved pendants have gone from the battlefield to fashion. In them, you can record anything, from a special date, to a motto. A piece with a lot of personality and spirit.

Among some of them, at Milajewels we have the "Empower Balance" BRAVE Men Necklace and the "Empower Rombul" BRAVE Men Necklace.

You can find all our men jewelry available in our Men Collection.

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